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Corporate Wellness Solutions in Loveland

Creating a Healthy Community

Portrait of Dr Jerod Dawson

Dr. Jerod Dawson

Dawson Chiropractic offers opportunities for your organization or company to find out more about their current health and how to take it to higher levels. We’re available to speak at your local business about health and wellness.

Stress Evaluations

Your stress levels and your nervous system are screened using the Insight Subluxation Station. This nonintrusive health screening will give us a picture of your overall health. We’ll also take a look at your posture to see if this may be impacting your well-being. A heart rate variability test will show you your stress volume and how it’s affecting you.

These evaluations are set up with the human resources department of your organization. They are available in two-hour blocks and we can see one person every 15 minutes for a full analysis.

Wellness Coaching

Certified wellness coaches are available to provide encouragement, advice and motivation to overcome obstacles. Wellness coaches are available on-site, by phone or through e-mail communication.

Speaking to Your Company

A variety of health and wellness talks we have available will discuss increasing employees’ well-being in your workplace.

Our corporate wellness solutions in Loveland will leave your employees feeling great about their health!


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