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Do You Have Degenerative Disc Disease?

If you’ve received a diagnosis of degenerative disc disease (DDD), you may wonder what it actually is. That’s because it’s sometimes not fully explained in the medical community. DDD is simply a form of arthritis and arthritis is caused either by an old injury that was never completely corrected or by a repetitive injury. It’s just that your body is feeling it now.

Chiropractic and Movement Are Key

Arthritis affects the nervous system, range of motion and functionality. There’s this adage that we get old and stiff, but the reality is that we get stiff and age very quickly. The Harvard School of Medicine did a large study on arthritis and preventative measures. One of the things they talked about was movement and how chiropractic care can be beneficial in increasing movement.

If we’re able to stop the decaying process of the disc, it will improve a person’s quality of life, nervous system and the ability to stay mobile, active and healthy for a longer period.

DDD Is Not a Death Sentence

Patients should know that degenerative disc disease is not a death sentence. Even people in their 30s can have it due to their lifestyle, a repetitive injury or poor health habits. Let’s face it: we’re a very sedentary society. The good news is that there are a lot of things we can do to prevent your DDD from getting worse and also help improve your function.

We want you to know that there’s a lot of hope for your nervous system and spine to be stable, strong and healthy for a long time. Contact us today for more information. (970) 663-2200

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