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Meet Dr. Jerod Dawson

Dr. Jerod Dawson's profile photoEmpowering You to Thrive

For Dr. Jerod, there’s nothing better than watching someone’s “Aha!” moment. It’s satisfying to see patients take control of their health, realizing their power in building a lifestyle of wellness.

That’s when Dr. Jerod knows he’s done his job. He loves seeing people achieve both physical and mental breakthroughs so they can stay fit and active long into the future.

Discovering a Calling to Wellness

Dr. Jerod had been seeing a chiropractor off and on for years, but he didn’t fully appreciate the value of natural health care until he suffered a severe back injury while playing basketball in college.

He headed straight to the chiropractor. In one week, he went from not being able to get out of bed to playing basketball again. After that, Dr. Jerod knew he wanted to help other people improve their health, too.

Natural Wellness From Every AngleDr. Jerod with his family in the outdoors

Dr. Jerod’s skill and perspective have only continued to grow since he graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic School in Kansas City. He remains committed to studying new research. As his understanding of long-term health has grown, his practice has evolved to emphasize every side of wellness.

For Dr. Jerod, chiropractic care should be just one facet of an overall healthy lifestyle. Exercise, nutrition, and mental health are just as foundational to keep you at your best. He provides holistic care to help you keep doing the activities you love for years to come.

A Passion for Family

Dr. Jerod has four young kids. His family is his biggest passion. They stay close by staying active together. Dr. Jerod loves golf and mountain biking, and all his kids play competitive sports. They recently adopted a German Shepherd puppy to bring another blast of life and joy into their lives.

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