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How the Nervous System & Immune System Are Connected

A big misconception that a lot of people have is that the immune system is a separate system in our body, and it does its own thing. In actuality, the immune system and the nervous system are intimately linked, according to new research that has come out, particularly from the University of Virginia Medical Center.

Regular Care = Reduced Sick Days

As chiropractors, we believe that the brain and body — every cell, tissue and organ — are all controlled by the central nervous system. People who get regular care in our office are sick less often, have more energy and enjoy better sleep habits. Better yet, when they do get sick, chiropractic care shortens the duration of their sickness substantially.
That’s why we recommend chiropractic care on a regular basis. It’s not so much what maintenance care does at the time but what it’s going to do for you in the future to prevent sickness and disease.

Adjustments Can Boost Antibodies

There have been a lot of tests on saliva antibodies. As the watery substance located in the mouth, saliva is a main controller for what bacteria and viruses get into your system. Studies show when you’re adjusted those antibodies can improve by a whopping 200-1000% in healthy individuals. The ability to help your body fight what it’s exposed to every day can dramatically improve your overall functionality.

And because most of us lead busy lives, we can’t afford to let sickness sideline us. Chiropractic care can allow you to enjoy optimal health and wellness so you can enjoy all the activities you love!

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