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Personal Performance & the Nervous System

Now that it’s springtime here in Colorado, weekend warriors will be out in full force hiking, biking, mountain climbing and engaging in other outdoor activities. Often we believe athletic performance comes through musculature, and we think that everything is based on exercise.

The Body’s General

While regular exercise is essential when it comes to enjoying peak health, a lot of times people forget that the muscle system is controlled by the nervous system. When you’re exercising to get in better health, you also want your body to perform at its best. It can only do that, however, if the nervous system itself is telling the muscle what to do correctly.

We forgot that muscles are soldiers, and they’re told what to do through an order process which is coming through the general or the nervous system. You can massage the muscle, heat the muscle or exercise the muscle. But your performance is not going to improve to its highest ability until the general is telling the soldier what to do correctly. It’s that central nervous system – your spine and your nerves — telling your body (your muscle structure) what to do.

A Tool of Choice for Athletes

Chiropractic is a powerful tool in athletes’ health and wellness arsenal. In fact, over 90% of professional athletes use chiropractic as a means to stay healthy. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, chiropractic care can help boost your performance, reduce your risk of injury and help you recover.

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